Hondenkat - Overlay and Holes

Two things I implemented recently are the overlay sprite and the hole sprite. I wanted the ability to create an overlay sprite of some kind that allows for "out of the ordinary" graphics on a map, such as a title image or even a map where I didn't want to break things out into individual tiles (a very organic looking building, for example). In this case the first screen shows the title graphic and hides it once you leave the title screen.

The hole sprite basically creates a hole underneath the player sprite once they have attempted to dig on a tile. It wasn't difficult to do since I was already dealing with entities. The only little thing I had to do was to find the z-depth of the player and make sure that when the sprite was created that it created it one layer lower.
Hoping to add the profile picture in the corner this week as well, which will change based on what tile the player is standing on.