Hondenkat - Working With Sprints / Weekly Deliverables

So I've been a producer/program manager/project manager for quite a number of years now. We always talk about game development and sprints in making sure we are able to not only be predictable, but to also be able to execute to plan. It's funny how in the hobbyist development space, mainly due to the fact that it's not my bread and butter, I don't to stick those practices. I have awful documentation (often just scribbles in my notebook), no real game plan on what needs to be built from start to finish, or even an end date in sight.

I guess that's part of the fun of it being a hobby. It flows like a stream of consciousness. It morphs and changes and you get to mold it into the experience you've always wanted to build.

As fun as that is, progress can stall. I mean completely stall. That's never a good feeling. Even coding a dozen lines to allow a new thing is work and I've decided to employ an extremely loose definition of "sprint" to my game development.

My bucket size will continue to vary in size from sprint to sprint, but I will save out my project and create a new version that's playable every Friday. I'll also include a change log of the things that we added, removed, or modified.

I can only hope this kind of rough regimen will keep me productive.