Coraline != Caroline

In a rush to fill my Redbox cart for my "2 for 1" coupon, I hastily picked up this movie I thought to be a terrible-cash-in-sequel to the movie Coraline. I had already accepted this to be a cheaply made movie that would have a fraction of the quality of the original. What stings is the fact that even with this acceptance and feeling so smart for setting my expectations so low, I was fooled again.

This wasn't a direct-to-DVD Coraline sequel. This wasn't Coraline at all. This was Caroline.

I felt like a parent who knows nothing about sports except that my nephew likes football, so I go and buy a picture frame in the shape of a football. This is like the parent who is told their kid wants Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Christmas, so they pick up this travesty instead.

Tricky Marketing: 1 Alexander: 0