AMAD: Average Musician, Average Dad

I'm an average musician and I'm an average dad. That's pretty good, right? That means I'm doing a lot of things at once!

I've recently ended up watching and listening to a lot of programming that emphasizes the importance of family and the sadness one feels once a family member is gone (Aramada, Supernatural, Doctor Who, etc.). This has caused me to want to put into recordings me singing songs so one day when I'm gone my kids will still have something else to remember me by. It's less cumbersome than flipping through dozens and dozens of unmarked home videos. And there's something more endearing than going through a box of old photographs. Each track's title is literally the description of what the file contains and music is the language of the soul, right?

These are certainly far from professional recordings. If anything I'm simply recording these with my iPhone. Sometimes I play something wrong. Sometimes Oliver or Jasper are part of the recording. Most of the time I'm off-key. But, I hope, this adds to the warmth of the memory I want to leave behind. You know what they say, "where words fail, music speaks." I hope with these I'll always have something to say to my kids.

This actually makes me weepy eyed thinking about it.

SoundCloud Link: AMAD: Average Musician Average Dad