Hondenkat - Enemy Movement and Rotate Tiles

After a little bit of a delay, I was able to get back into the seat of design and coding. I started working on adding a few more movement abilities to the ghosts, which ultimately are the enemy units in the game. Originally they were only able to move left and right. Now they can move up and down. I also created these "rotate tiles" that do not affect the user, but when the ghost lands on the tile they will rotate 90 degrees and face a new direction.

I also took into consideration a comment made by someone a month or so ago. The original design of the game was supposed to look like an old book, but it really did make the game right-heavy. All the action was happening on the right side of the screen and made it feel like wasted space. By shoring up the main page in the center and putting all of the auxillary information on the edges, you're able to focus on the middle of the screen and still get all the other information I wanted to present.

It's true that it no longer looks like a book, but felt this was ultimately for the better. I can still theme the game to look like a book without the need to actually make the background a literal book.