Hondenkat Engine - Validating and Sharing Levels

I'm in the process of swapping out some of the original Onion Knight artwork with some more generic artwork to release in the downloadable builds of the Hondenkat Engine Editor & Player. What these screenshots show (as well as video below) is how creating a custom level works and how you validate it.

Validating a level means you actual test it out and have a solution. If you try to share a level that hasn't been validated this way then you're still able to load it, but you don't get the "VALIDATED LEVEL" text or the "GOAL" text in the top-right.

If you're curious, this level's share code is:

If you copied and pasted that into the game, you would be able to play it! There's still a few loose ends to tie up in terms of artwork as well as coding some new behaviors for existing tiles. I'm hoping to have this soon.