Hondenkat Engine - E3 1915 Announcement

I will be releasing my new Hondenkat Engine powered game E3 1915 on Monday. This will be just in time for E3! I'm excited this year as it really feels like a wonderful year to be a Wii U owner. Ah, I digress!

For those unfamiliar with the engine, it is a top-down turn-based puzzle engine that puts players on a 9x9 grid to collect all of the "stars" (newspapers, in this case) and reach the exit before they reach their move limit. This was actually a traditional board game pitch I made (and spectacularly failed), and converted into a digital game since I felt it was still a fun experience. Since then I've been adding new and more features to the engine for the last 6+ months.

This historically fictional game takes place 100 years ago at one of the earliest E3 events in America. You are a news reporter trying to find a scoop to print in the newspaper to increase readership. Along the way you will run into booth women dressed in the latest fashion who will hand you free promotional items. Maybe if you collect all the items and get "3 stars" on every level you will access a hidden bonus? MAYBE..

The game will feature 10 levels as that's what my schedule of being a new dad (2nd time around!) allows me to do. Not to mention I did a full reskin and added some animated elements, which differs from the previous release The Onion Knight. This version also includes the fabled custom level player. You'll now be able to play more levels even when you complete this game! Also keep your eyes peeled to the main website for more details.

While I finish up some of the not fun things (creating icon sets for Android APK export, for example), I hope you enjoy and enjoyed the screenshots. See you Monday!

The game will be available as a Mac download and an Android APK.