Hondenkat Engine - Custom Graphics

I added some new functionality to the desktop client for the Hondenkat Engine. Specifically the game will now look for a folder in the same directory called "import". Inside this directory it will look for a handful of different file names, like "star1.png" or "avatar_animated.swf". What this does is if it can find that file, it will load that file into the game instead of using what's already compiled into the game.

What this will allow is for players to import their own graphics so their gameplay experience can be better suited for puzzle solving! Right now the only graphics available to the player are:
  • The game board
  • The stars to collect (3)
  • The walls
  • The player's avatar - animated
  • The player's avatar - static
The game will prioritize an animated SWF file over a static image in terms of the avatar.

I'm hoping simple tilesets will emerge from the player base as this app continues to grow!