My Complaint to McDonald's

I sent this complaint to corporate via their website this afternoon. Let's see if they write back.

This is just a complaint about a wrong order: I ordered a #2 with a medium black coffee and a boy's Happy Meal toy. I received the food promptly in the traditional brown bag. Because I drive to work, I didn't actually check the bag until I was well on my way.

When I opened up the bag I noticed that I did not receive a hash brown. I was deeply saddened by the lack of fried potato in my bag. I clumsily searched the bag with my right hand, moving the Nerf frisbee toy out of the way, and found nothing but hot air and napkins next to my sausage sandwich.

The hash brown is, possibly, the best part of this meal. I wouldn't mind just having a combo meal that was three hash browns.

Anyway, just wanted to note that I was stiffed my hash brown and the rest of my drive to work was done in complete silence. I commute over an hour to work each way, so it was a very long silence.