My Complaint to McDonald's - Resolution

They called me.

"Hi Alexander, this is Debbie from McDonald's customer service and following up on a message I received regarding your visit to our San Ramon McDonald's location yesterday morning and it indicated that they neglected to put in your order of hash browns in the bag.

So, I am so sorry that they did that and I do wanna let you know, I forwarded that message on to the management over there so they will be aware of the error made to your order and be able to address that issue with the employees that are putting together.

I have your mailing address again so I will go ahead and I'm going to pop a coupon in the mail for you to get a breakfast sandwich on us. And again, I do apologize for that error. You Have a great day now. Bye bye."

That's nice and everything, but a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich? They forgot the hash browns again. That was the whole point of the complaint.

...I should complain again.