E3 1915 - Better walls of people, title, and more!

I'm excited to say I'm gearing up all the graphics for the new Hondenkat Engine game "E3 1915" in honor of the wonderful industry event coming up in a few weeks.

For some reason I always felt like there was an influx block prints of cherubs during this time. This could be historically inaccurate, but I find the imagery humorous and thus am sticking to my six-shooter pistol gun weapons. I expect that if E3 existed in 1915, it would be more like the World's Fair and finding a huge showcase of the newest entertainment. You know, like "that game where you push the hoop down the street with a stick."

I'll be doing a bit more with this one graphically as I've added an introduction comic as well as a few more animated pieces, such as the main character and the enemy.

I've also messed with wider than tile size graphics. This way when the game generates the walls, it can layer them on top of each other so the tiles look a bit more continuous. In this case, I've illustrated three different types of "walls" that are about 10 pixels wider than the standard tile. The effect should look something like this.

Look for the game next week! It should be available for download on the Hondenkat Engine website for Mac and Android tablet devices. Hopefully I'll find a PC to compile, but we'll see if my $200 laptop from five years ago is up to the task.