Amiibo Festival Guide

Guide Contents

I've decided to work on an Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival guide. The game is certainly not great (see below) and the mechanics of the board game are extremely simple. It is as simple as Candy Land where rolling the die will land you on a spot to earn/lose Happiness Points/Bells. The player with the most Happiness Points at the end of the month (or time limit) is the winner.

However, it's difficult to deny the polish, charm, and depth of unlockables within the game itself. For example, each compatible Amiibo has six levels of unlocks, which can only be unlocked by using that Amiibo and transferring earned Happiness Points from playing the game. There are also mini-games that get unlocked through the usage of tickets, which again are earned via Happiness Points earned from playing the board game. It's possible to edit the board with public works, introduce new animals to the board as residents, and so much more.

I believe because the game is reviewed so poorly, a guide was never written. I guess that's where my love for the universe will step in.

Just awful.