"Adventurer Needs Food" Starts Production

I've started work on a new comic story called Adventurer Needs Food. It's a take on the phrase you hear in Gauntlet, "WARRIOR NEEDS FOOD BADLY". I'm using this as a way to approach and focus my hobby work: indie game development, average music writing, toy making, and comic drawing. Everything I'll do will have some kind of tie into this comic story that I'm writing and, hopefully, at the same time strengthens the validity of the universe I'm trying to create.

My fondest memory of a universe I made was Gashapon Shop and I think that's because of the length of the comic. With each strip and adventure they went on, with each character they talked to, you started to grow within you affinities towards what was on the paper/screen. I want to do that and I want to accelerate those feelings by using different mediums to convey the world.

I also plan to release the strip in chunks versus the standard "one strip at a time" that I'm used to. It will let me just enjoy the act of drawing and not be in a weird superficial rush to "finish it as quickly as I can". While there is a definite sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a piece of work, finishing for the sake of finishing is not the attitude of a person who enjoys what they're doing.