Let's Draw... Misty

I have this fun “how to draw One Piece with ballpoint pens” that I thought I’d draw some inspiration from in regards to my little “let’s draw” tutorials. They change colors when you’re supposed to use a different colored pen, but I thought it would be a nice visual indicator if each new set of lines was a new color for each new step.

So you see in this tutorial each new set of lines is red. Then on the next step those previous lines go to black, and the new set go to red.

You can see a vertical line of six Misty heads. I had to figure out the simplest way to draw her before I could turn it into a tutorial.

On the way to work today I thought to myself why I enjoyed Ed Emberley style drawing books over the more detailed, better looking ones like “Draw 50 Monsters” by Lee Ames. I think it was mainly because at 8 years old I couldn’t make my drawings look like Lee Ames’ drawings. It would be like, “I followed the directions and it looks nothing like that.” With the Ed Emberley books, they were simple enough where when you finished it looked like it was supposed to. It’s like following a baking recipe and it looking like the picture.

+1 Confidence!

It’s an interesting psychological effect that I’m going to look into some more. It’s probably one of the reasons we love building with Legos so much. I’m not talking about the freeform creativity you can have with Legos, but the building of the models via instructions. There’s something so satisfying and fun about doing that contained set of instructions to get something that looks just like the box.

“I did it!”