030 - Kite Card Game

I didn't take this photograph of the kite.

I have, however, been toying around with a kite card game idea. The premise is you are reeling in (or out) your kite in hopes of hitting the air current. If you do, you score a victory point.

The game starts with an "Air Current" card being played. Let's say it is 15. It is now your job to play cards from your hand into your tableau to match 15 exactly (in this example, anyway). Your hand is also always played face up. You'll see in a moment why that is.

On your turn you are able to do one of two things:
1. Draw a card and play it onto the air current.
2. Draw a card and play a card (could be the one you just drew or one from your hand) onto your tableau.

Every card also has an addition value and a subtract value (example: +1 / -4). You decide which side to use. Since you can always see your opponent's hand as well as tableau, you can try to alter the air current in your favor to pull it further away from your opponent's tableau total or bring it closer to your own.

Anyway. I need to code this up and try it out.