031 - Purple Owl

Oliver helped me with this one.

You might remember our friendly town called Granite Town. Many residents live here, each with their own job to do.

In Granite Town lived a purple owl. He didn't have a name, so the animals just called him the Purple Owl. Unlike all of the other owls in Granite Town, he slept at night and was awake during the day. Near his home was his favorite restaurant, which was run by owls as well. Because of that, it was only open at night and closed during the day.

That didn't stop Purple Owl from eating there everyday. When the clock struck six o'clock in the evening, Purple Owl would be the first one through the door to order his dinner. While it was dinner time for him, it was the restaurant's breakfast time. Purple Owl's dinner was "brinner", which was breakfast at dinner time.

His favorite "brinner" things to eat were pancakes, bacon, and sunny side up eggs.