348 - Sadie Cat Cooking Game


What started out as a very difficult problem to balance a bevy of action options (stir, peel, boil, bake, grill, etc.) ultimately distilled down to something I think has some legs!

The game is a resource management puzzle where once resources are determined, you use the existing recipes available to program items to prepare and cook. Some recipes produce goods that become required resources for other recipes (ex: nut flour is needed for tart creation, but is created from 2 nut resources).

There currently is no real "game" element. There is no strategy outside of looking at all the resources available and maxing your points. I've considered there being a way to lose your resources and be forced to replace them with a different amount. We'll see if that adds enough variety.

At the end of the day, a solitaire game usually boils down to a puzzle. It's possible if multiple players had to draft from the same pool of resources and you strategize based on other people's decisions this becomes more of a game, but only time will tell. I need to mess around with it.