046 - Wrestling Game RPS Mechanic

I talked about the RPS mechanic a little bit before, but I've ironed out a few more details. Specifically, how a move with advantage (i.e. block > strike or grapple > block) will always win unless the weaker move beats the move with an advantage through the skill game. This way it's not simply "guessing what the other player will choose", also known as a game mechanic based strictly on luck, but another level based on skill.

In addition to this will be the momentum bar! This adds a third level to the RPS mechanic. The momentum bar is like a mulligan. However, instead of a free stroke it reduces the reaction time on the skill game. For example, if you have 0.3 seconds built up in the momentum bar, whatever your reaction time is, it is reduced by up to 0.3 seconds until it's 0.0 seconds.

What this does, I hope, is that you may just choose to play "Block" the entire match because you're just that much better at the skill game than your opponent. But if you keep playing the same move, your momentum bar never grows and may actually decrease. Your opponent's will also grow, making it easier for them to land a successful attack even if, physically, you were able to beat them on the skill game.