101 - Wrestling Game Update

I've gone back to the drawing board with my wrestling game. Turns out that "active timer" (a la Dragon's Lair) is not exactly the most fun thing to play at length. I decided to take a stab from the other side of the business and that's the actual "show planning" part.

A match consists of spots and you're trying to win over the crowd. You're actually required to work with your partner to put together the best match you can, instead of just trying to beat your opponent. If a spot requires three "beats" to setup for a spot, such as a frog splash off the top rope, then you and your opponent take turns playing cards (3 cards in this case) that have to meet the threshold needed for the spot. But if you can't hit the threshold within the number of cards, then the spot is missed and the crowd reaction is negative. If you overshoot the threshold by too much, you may get the crowd VPs, but you do damage to the other wrestler or yourself (like being too stiff or actually doing physical injury to your wrestler).

Anyway. This is a completely different game. Going to mess with it some more.