108 - ASWG More Stuff

Got some time to spend with a coworker who is also a tabletop enthusiast. He helped me iron out some details and provide some alternative ideas to how to approach my wrestling game.

Instead of players winning spots, they win VPs within the spot. So different spots are worth different VPs. This means even if you win more spots, you may still have fewer VPs.

If you overshoot the goal, then you automatically lose the spot. Who it affects, meaning who takes injury tokens, depends on the spot. So if there is a "Frog Splash" spot, overshooting does damage to the player that overshot (they missed their target by jumping too far). If there is a "Discus Punch", overshooting does damage to the opponent of the player that overshot (hit too hard). The number of injury tokens is calculated by how far the player overshot. I will need to determine an equal number of cards that thematically fit both sides.

Some cards may have a time limit, which means the number of cards to hit the goal. This is definitely an optional requirement, but a big bonus is given to the player that is able to do this. Maybe it comes in the form of extra VPs or an extra card to draw on the next spot or the opponent having one less card to play or something.