182 - Sadie Cat

Here's the first chapter, I guess:

It was 5:45am. The day had already started without her. Bread was being baked. Garbage was being collected. Papers were being printed with news from yesterday. Even the birds were singing, though they had been told that their band practices should be happening later in the afternoon per complaints by the neighbors.
She tossed. She turned. She rotated her body on all the axises available to her. Her blanket wrapped around her like a burrito, then like a taco, then unfolded like a pancake.
"Pancakes," she thought to herself. Should she make pancakes this morning?
Sadie raised her head, eyes still closed. Her nose and whiskers twitched. She let out a squeaky yawn. Her black lips smacked and was met with a common dryness in her mouth. Smack. Smack. Faint beams of light came in through the window and gathered in small pools of warmth on her yellow fur. She rolled out of bed and fell to the floor. Flump. Like a spring-loaded toy, she popped up straight and marched directly to the bathroom, which wasn't too far away.
Her room was quaint, but large enough for all of her possessions. One corner of the room housed her twin sized bed, which was accompanied by a nightstand that painted a landscape of lamp, phone, and loose change. 72 cents. A small desk with two drawers sat underneath the window next to the foot of her bed. A bookshelf that came up waist high shelved a handful of favorite books of hers, including Brian Jacques' "Redwall" and a few scattered volumes of Akira Toriyama's "Dragonball Z". She preferred the original series actually, but had lost them in a move a few years back. On the opposite side of the room was a light blue dresser with four drawers, each drawer with a different novelty knob or handle. While she was able to keep the genre of clothes separate to each drawer, the clothes themselves were balled up and tossed in haphazardly.
The bathroom was directly across from her bed. She often kept the light on in the bathroom and the door open a crack while she slept. It was comforting to know that she was never fully basked in darkness in the middle of night, a small fear that carried on with her from her puppy years. The bathroom had a tiled blue and white checkerboard pattern, though it wasn't actually tile. The previous owners had skimped on the work and just used linoleum that had that tiled print.
Sadie washed her face in the sink and sleepily blinked her eyes in the mirror.
"Cereal," she thought. You couldn't beat a good bowl of your favorite cereal.