199 - Sadie Cat Outline

Just writing a story with little to no outline is rough. Decided to work out the outline of this special "Galaxy Pen" she finds that enables her to draw things into reality. While the whole "magic crayon" idea is fun, I think I'm going to rework the universe.

I want her to solve problems and mysteries with her smarts, her skills, and an ever-changing toolset. I also want her to be around helping others, vanquishing evil monsters, and basically being a super dog.

A traveling salesdog is my first thought. Mythical goods she knows about, knows how to use, and answers to cryptic puzzles. You know that box of crickets from the movie Constantine? Stuff like that.

The below will likely be scrapped.

Sadie Cat and the Galaxy Pen
Book 1

Sadie Cat, a dog who happens to also have the tail of a cat, stumbles upon one of the pieces of an intergalactic weapon on her way to the grocery store. She is then thrust into the middle of a galactic war between two races of aliens from thousands of light years away. These aliens are fighting over the Galaxy Pen, a device that is able to turn any drawing into reality.

The piece she finds is the Galaxy Pen tip. It holds a very tiny amount of the special ink in the end, but it is enough to draw things the size of a large marshmallow.

1. There is a big explosion in the sky above the town. The Galaxy Pen is in the center of an explosion and is thrown five directions across town.

2. Sadie Cat is introduced. She wakes up and wants to make pancakes. She doesn’t have milk.

3. On her way out of her house, a car drives by and splashes her with water. She is soaked.

4. She tries to get back into the house but realized her keys are on the table. She’s locked outside of the house.

The End and What happens afterwards...
She finds herself cornered by one of the each alien race. They have 2 pieces each. They want the final piece and will fight her for it. When asked about things, we learn that this war for the weapon has wiped out most of the planet and both races. Upon reflection, we learn that the war needs to end and the two alien races leave peacefully.

The Galaxy Pen itself can not be destroyed, the ink being made from elements of black holes and stars. They leave the Galaxy Pen with Sadie Cat, seeing her to be the right kind of being to be the guardian of the pen. It’s because she’s a dog with a cat’s tail, the perfect balance of what is considered two enemy species.

She promises to keep the Galaxy Pen safe and to only use it for good. Here she is entrusted in helping others so the mistakes of the aliens can be rectified by the good deeds that follow.