222 - Sadie Cat and the Sky Factory - Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter 2

Sadie Cat was down to her last bit of water. She knew she was in trouble. If she didn’t find water soon, she would probably faint and would need to send out an emergency signal for someone to rescue her. She didn’t like using the emergency signal because she only had a few in her bag. Sadie Cat took another step and fell to the ground, sand flying up all around her. Her body felt like it was sinking. Her eyes closed. She was so tired and so thirsty.

“I wonder if this is what it feels like right before you faint,” she thought. She continued to have that sinking feeling.

Then she opened her eyes. This wasn’t a sinking feeling. She was actually sinking! A few moments later the sand opened up beneath her and she fell into a deep dark cave.

“JONATHAAAAAAAN!” she yelled as she fell deeper and deeper into the cave.

Chapter 3

Sadie Cat landed onto a tall mountain of sand. She rolled over the edge and continued to roll like a log down a hill. She rolled and then she rolled and then she rolled some more. Eventually, she hit the ground with a splash. Sadie Cat looked around. Even though the cave was supposed to be dark, it actually glowed a deep teal color. The water she was in was glowing!

Sadie Cat dug around in her bag and pulled out a small plant that looked like a corkscrew. It was old looking, brown, and dry. This was a Bassus Root and she stuck it into the water. The skin of the Bassus Root turned green and then the corkscrew straighten itself out. Sadie Cat now knew this water would be okay to drink. She stuck her face in the water and took a big drink of this glowing teal water. Then she made a pained face. It may have been safe to drink, but it certainly did not taste good. It was sour and made her skin shiver.

Sadie Cat took the Bassus Root out of the water and in a few seconds it turned back into a corkscrew, dry, and brown. She put it in the bag and pulled out the two empty bottles that used to be filled with water. Filling each bottle with this glowing water should help her stay hydrated. Now all she needed was a way out of this cave.