226 - Sadie Cat and the Sky Factory - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

After a while Sadie Cat climbed back to the top of where she had entered. It was getting dark outside. The mountain of sand that was created when she fell into the save was tall, but not tall enough to get out. She could see the sky above her through the hole in the cave’s ceiling, but it was too far too reach.

“There has to be another way out of here,” Sadie Cat thought to herself. She looked around and all she could see was the glowing water around the mountain of sand. In the distance she noticed a different glow. It was a red glow, but it was small, under the water, and very far away. Something fell on her head and she brushed it off. She tried to get a better view of the red glowing thing under the water. Something fell on her head again and she brushed it off again. Why was there sand falling on her head? Sadie Cat looked up and there was a shadow standing at the entrance of the hole.

“Are you okay down there?” the voice yelled.

“Yes! Can you help?” Sadie Cat called back.

There was a pause. Then the end of a rope came flying over the edge and landed next to her. “Tie the rope around you!” the voice said. Sadie Cat quickly did as she was told and then tugged on the rope twice, letting whoever was up there know she was ready.

Slowly, but surely, Sadie Cat was lifted out of the cave.