227 - 1:12 Scale UFO Catcher / Crane Game design

I'm pleased with my 1:12 scale arcade cabinet design, which I've dubbed the Shenco Cabinet design (inspired by Namco). Now it's time to work on another amusement machine. This time it's time work on something a bit more complicated: a UFO catcher.

I love crane games. Every few months I get a huge itch that only a UFO catcher can scratch.

This one will employ the use of laser cut MDF as well as acrylic. I also have to create a small chute for the toy to fall through. We'll see how that goes!

Now that I have the measurements, I need to plot them out and send them to Ponoko. Fortunately I have a $50 coupon to use by September, so this is as good a time as any to start.