220 - Prototypical Games per Genre

Mobile games come out frequently. What used to be a Thursday showcase of new games and apps has now been replaced with a somewhat constant stream of new software to titillate the senses. Sensual.

And because there's so much variety and so many options out there, it's always good to have one app to be the prototypical "go to" game for that genre. That being said I think it would be nice to share my current "go to" games. These are also games I will likely not delete.

RPG Match-3: WWE Champions

Longest Match-3: Best Fiends or Disney Tsum Tsum

Blitz Match-3: Disney Emoji Blitz

City Builder: Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow

Solitaire: Fairway Solitaire or Age of Solitaire

Casino: Double Down Casino

Strategy RPG: Fire Emblem Heroes

Current Hotness: Flippy Knife, Professor Layton