221 - Sadie Cat and the Sky Factory - First Draft

I've actually been working on this story for quite some time. I'm only 4,000 or so words into it, but I'm over half way through it. This falls into that short story range. Anyway, here it goes!


Once upon a time there was a dog with a cat’s tail. Her name was Samantha Adelaide Catrell, but her friends called her Sadie Cat. She was a very adventurous explorer and loved going to places she had never been. Seeing new things and experiencing new places was her favorite thing to do. The world was filled with all kinds of magical things. Sometimes she would get in sticky situations, both figuratively and literally. It was also important for her to write down her adventures so she could share her knowledge with others. Here is one of her stories.

Chapter 1

The desert was hot. It’s not weird for a desert to be hot, but it felt extraordinarily hot. It’s probably because the last few months there had been little to no rain and the area was in a drought. Why would Sadie Cat be walking through the desert in the middle of the day? Sadie Cat had just come from a city she had on her map called Stonesburg. It was famous for making some of the world’s most beautiful rainbow stones. She had asked the guard Stonesburg where the next town was. He said there should be another town a few hours to the east. Her map was blank in that direction, which means she had never been that direction before from Stonesburg. She used this as a great excuse to go on a journey.

“Thanks!” Sadie Cat said. “What’s your name?”

The guard tipped his helmet and told her, “My name is Jonathan.”

Sadie Cat waved goodbye to Jonathan the Guard and started walking east. A few hours later she realized the guard had no idea what he was talking about.