253 - 1:12 Scale Arcade Cabinet History - Part 5

1:!2 Scale Arcade Cabinet v5 - Shencade MK.1

1:!2 Scale Arcade Cabinet v5 - Shencade MK.1

Let's call this Shencade MK.1.

Swapped out the panels to be 1/8" instead of the 1/4" for everything else. Looks a lot better. Saved this design in a few places for backup. I was able to fit six of these on two P2 sized MDF boards. Not counting shipping or special "membership" laser cutting pricing, this breaks down to about $8.50 per 1:12 scale arcade cabinet. Considering I paid around $30 for the plastic one, this is a great deal.

Interested in picking one up? Let me know.

I have a few blanks that need ideas. My next one will be Sega's Flashgal since I picked up a 1:12 scale Wonder Woman figure. Flashgal has been referenced as the only "that looks like Wonder Woman" game, so it felt like a good fit for now even if it's pretty obscure (compared to something like Shinobi).