261 - Oliver's New Game


Oliver's new game he made up. The rules of play are simple, but the actual effects and powers of the randomly drawn cards are difficult to remember.

Each player rolls 1d6. Whoever has the higher number gets to draw a "Go Fish" card. Depending on the color drawn, different things will happen. For example you may be able to take a yellow unit from an opponent's army and add it to yours or take two yellow leaders from an opponent's army and add it to yours.

How do you win? Collect four yellow leaders. The army doesn't actually have an effect on the game nor any of the other colors. However, it's something to do when you draw a card.

My game was a lot simpler: you have five different units of your army worth different amounts of points each (1 for turtle, 2 for kitty, 3 for dog, 4 for bear, and 5 for dragon). Before the round starts, you bid one of your units. Then you roll 1d6 each and compare values. The higher value gets to keep both units and add them to their total. After 10 rounds (because there are 10 units on each side), you add up all the units to see who has the higher amount.