270 - Roll and Write Design

There is a design genre for games called Roll and Write. It is defined as a game where you roll dice, assign them, and write down the result on a piece of paper(s). Yahtzee is a very prototypical example of a Roll and Write game. I decided to take a stab at learning the nuances of it. One aspect of Roll and Write is that they can be played solitaire. Often times you're just trying to maximize your score and the variables are the dice roll outcomes, which makes for easier testing.

I designed a very simple one to get the juices flowing. In this simple Roll and Write game, you are trying to get the highest score possible.

  1. Roll 2d6
  2. Assign each d6 in an open blue square
  3. Once all blue squares are filled, sum up all blue inputs into the purple squares moving right to left