248 - Hunting for 1/12 scale action figures

Image from  DC Comics Website

I was on the hunt for some 1/12 scale action figures to add to my arcade diorama. As much fun as filling it with anime and video game characters from the Figma line of figures, those are expensive and only really available online. There has to be decent American made ones, right?

I scoured Toys R Us while the boys slept and used my iPhone 7 (height of about 5.4") to use as a measuring tool. Why Toys R Us specifically? I had a $10 coupon / credit that was expiring and had to use it. To my dismay, the WWE line of figures are closer to that 6.75" scale and my heart sank. No Sasha Banks or Charlotte figures for my arcade.

Then I looked at the DC Multiverse figures and found that they were appropriately sized! I picked up a Wonder Woman and will be adding her to the collection. It's nice to know comics figures in both DC and Marvel lines are available to use. Granted they retail for $19.99 usually, but certainly beat the average Figma price of $40+ (for legit non-bootleg ones).

I'm pretty sure that other figures of this scale will go to clearance once their popularity wanes (i.e. Ghostbusters 2016 figures or Suicide Squad figures).