252 - 1:12 Arcade Cabinet History - Part 4

Arcade Cabinet v4 - Front w/Figma

Arcade Cabinet v4 - Front w/Figma

A lot of time passed before I attempted my next arcade cabinet design. It wasn't until I saw this 1:12 scale arcade cabinet (Tokyo Otaku Mode link) and purchased it that my passion got reignited. I knew that my tools and woodworking skills weren't that great, so I would attempt it with the next best thing: laser cutting MDF.

I'm pretty handy with vector illustrations, so I was able to properly plot this out on my computer and got it laid out for cutting without too much effort. The nice part was that I was no longer restricted by the actual craft wood pieces I had at home, so I could make the cabinets the proper size as per actual 1:12 scale figures.

I was extremely happy with the way the design turned out. The only change would be that the panels didn't have to be the same thickness (1/4") as the rest of the cabinet. I knew I was almost there, so I setup for the final cut of the Shencade 1:12 Arcade Cabinet design.

I also learned that the spray adhesive I used for all the other cabinets was coming off. Either it be due to heat or cold or humidity or whatever, it wasn't holding. I decided doing a full coat on both beneath the image and above with proper craft glue (i.e. Mod Podge) would really seal this thing for good. It left streaks, but for me that adds charm and character as "these are hand assembled" and definitely a labor of love.