013 - Sadie Cat: Cook Out Test


Went through five games of Sadie Cat: Cook Out this afternoon. Some good changes to the rules to make it a bit more competitive.

  • If you have any unassigned dice at the end of the "Food Prep" phase, each one is worth -1 point.
  • You calculate the penalty prior to cooking the recipes.
  • 1 Time token can be used during "Food Prep" to move or discard up to any 5 dice. This includes moving ingredients from one recipe to another, discarding ingredients from a recipe, or discarding any unassigned dice.

What I noticed is that when you get down to the last 5-7 Time tokens, you start to really weigh your options. You have a handful of incomplete recipes, some that will take 3+ Time to cook, but you still have to spend 1 Time token to roll 5d6. You also don't want to lose points for wasted ingredients, so maybe you throw them away now.

It gets pretty push-your-luck and risk-management at the end there. I liked the feeling.

Somehow this game also plays a ton faster than Honeycomb Cavern. You get, like, 4-5 rolls total. Must be the 20 Time token limit. I may have to increase that.