021 - Sadie Cat Stories: Order of the Trap Makers

I've been having trouble finding my voice lately in the stories that I want to write. What is the age level I'm aiming for? Certainly not adult fiction, but probably not even teen fiction. My target may be in that 1st to 3rd grade level. Allegedly, Harry Potter is 4th grade level.

One night I rewrote the same three sentences over and over again. They're not even very good sentences. I may just be worrying to much about style and should just get the bulk of the story down.

Below I've outlined the story. Now to fill in the gaps.

  • Sadie Cat and Mao are in an abandoned shopping mall looking for supplies.
  • They spot a stack of vegetable cans.
  • Mao pushes by Sadie Cat to grab them and it triggers a trap.
  • Sadie Cat eventually gets down the hole where Mao has disappeared and enters a network of tunnels
  • Mao is found, in a wooden cage.
  • Sadie Cat encounters a group of hooded folks: The Order of the Trap Makers
  • Trap Makers are an old organization. Mao fell for the trap, thus is their captive. Ready to trade for his life: lots of money.
  • Sadie Cat doesn’t have much on her to give. Asks if there is another way.
  • They can challenge to outwit the highest trap maker. The trap makers are very confident bunch, think highly of themselves.
  • Sadie Cat agrees to the challenge. It is over an ancient game similar to chess.
  • Sadie Cat wins.
  • Trap masters are sore losers. Going to capture Sadie Cat. Chase her through the underground caverns, making their way up.
  • Eventually Sadie Cat notices multiple traps inside the abandoned mall and tricks them to fall int one.
  • The trap master is caught in their own trap, dangling above the spikes. Sadie Cat saves them.
  • They apologize, make both Sadie Cat and Mao honorary members, and let them go.
  • They leave without the vegetable cans. Whoops.
  • Abandoned Mall disappears. Mao is annoyingly wanting to eat canned vegetables.