Record Keeper

I think this will be the intro to the read stories. Maybe? I don’t know. Figured I should be narcissistic and show up in these episodes in some shape or form.

Welcome, welcome to the Cavern of Records. My name is Alexander and I am the official record keeper for the Island of Tilly. You may not konw this, but every land, peninsula, archipeligo, even pen island, has a Cavern of Records... you just may not know where it is. Personally, I would prefer if this were a Hall of Records or even a Ball Pit of Records, but you get what you get, amirite?

It is my job to record every little thing in this book, as mundane as it may seem, to perserve the history of this land for one day, there may be a great reset, and we will need an instruction guide, a cook book of sorts, to recreate the very existance we know.

It is an interesting time for you to come and listen, my friend.