Final List?

The year’s almost done. I need to figure out what to work on for the rest of the few weeks of 2018. I feel like I’ve done a lot, but there’s still much more opportunity out there. It’s that time again to evaluate what’s left and just pick something.

  • Circuit Board Square is out and doing well. Running a continued ad campaign to get trickles of traffic.

  • Word March is also out there. Less traction, but it’s very localized/language specific. Also us Americans are just harder to get a handle of. Will see where we go with that.

  • Submitted these two games to a handful of different syndications and publications. See what’ll come from it. Hopefully something!

  • Sadie Cat & Mao have been neglected lately. I have a very short story I want to record and it would be a good way for me to break in my new microphone. This may be my next to do. I’ve come to terms that outside of a continued passion project, this creative endeavor will be a slow burn / uphill climb forever.

  • I want to draw a new kid’s art book called “50 Robots and Their Unique Jobs”. Just a picture book of 50 robots with different descriptions of their unique jobs (hence the title — lol). One could be that screws on toothpaste caps. Another could be one that fills tea bags with tea.

  • I still need to do another iteration of my game for the roll & write anthology. I already have v2 out there, but may need many more iterations before it’s worthwhile.

  • I haven’t drawn anything in a while either for Shenbot Draws. I should draw something.

I’ll probably do the recording next.