042 - No Country for Old Tech

I've recently updated my computer to macOS High Sierra because I needed it to run TurboTax. Because of that, since it was effectively three versions newer than what was there before, it made all of my workaround tricks to get the Intuos 2 (released in 2001) working obsolete.

My work computer is also updated to macOS High Sierra and with its incredibly tight security, justifiably so, installing anything that's not approved is prohibited.

Now I am in a place where if I wanted to do any digital drawing, I can't. I may be able to do some pixel graphics if I want to reinstall the Java 6 Legacy SDK (so my copy of Photoshop CS 5.1 works) or some vector art with Autodesk Graphic, but outside of that I'm out of luck.

It's weird not having a tool available to me at all. I mean I can do pencil, paper, ink, and so on, but I really need to do some art for my story for Sadie Cat as well as format it in a downloadable format.

I guess I'll be speeding up that iPad Pro purchase.