045 - Sadie Cat Stories: Cook Out - V2 Page

I printed out V1 last night and placed some dice on the page. Turns out they fit really well! What wasn't expected was that the default printing scaled it down to 97%. I reset it to 100% and enabled it to print "even if it gets cut off in the margins". It seemed to work just fine, but decided to move the design around a little so I wouldn't (and players wouldn't) have to do that print scaling.

It looks a little cramped right now, but this is without any artistic treatment. I'm not sure how I will utilize the space on the right just yet. Having that overview version of the rules seems useful though. I have noticed, as well, as the font size for the right pane is overly large. For the print and play I can certainly make that font smaller and save some space for something else.

I'm thinking of releasing this as a $1 PDF with the option to pay $10 for the components set (30 time tokens, 10d6, 2 point trackers). I wonder if that would be worthwhile.