080 - Building the Children's Brand from Scratch

Why build it from scratch? What does that mean?

I've decided that the next few products I'll be making (books, stories) will be practice for me to try to understand and navigate the waters of building a new children's character and its associated branding. I will be using the upcoming products to also understand the type of work I'm comfortable with building the feel that comes with it.

Simply writing a story isn't enough and it not the ultimate direction I want to take Sadie Cat and Mao.

There are a lot of things to learn here:

  • How to use iBooks Author to create media rich experiences for iPad and iPhone
  • How to format the same story and illustrations in a physical format for print on demand services
  • How to format the same story and illustrations (again) for other digital distribution, like KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)
  • Am I happy with character drawings with little to no backgrounds in my art? Is that too much "blank space" for a picture book? Do I stay with hard black outlines with solid colors or do I go for more textured and "natural" looking illustrations?
  • What is the right market and demographic I'm aiming for? Is it children's picture books (i.e. Jamberry or Pete the Cat or Curious George) or is it youth chapter books (i.e. Geronimo Stilton)? Do I just shoot for the "I Can Read" level of books or start with chapter book length and trim it down to fit that style?
  • Learn the Facebook ads ecosystem and how to promote the work effectively for brand awareness and eventually, one day, conversions

Here's to the journey and I hope you follow along!