226 - Appetizer Design Philosophy

I'm entering a new chapter in my design career, so it's worth mentioning here. Appetizer games, baby.

What are they? Here are the rules.

  • Fast play: All players must be able to play at the same time
  • Fast action: All players share the same result, but have a choice on what to do with it
  • Inclusive: All games can be played by 1+ players and quick to learn (i.e. can I teach this to my 5 year old)
  • Affordable: Have limited components and a print-and-play version is already available

My newest Kickstarter, Blankout, is another example of this. I'll be working on games like this for a while. I'll leave all that heavy cardboard stuff to the pros.

Kickstarter Link: Blankout on Kickstarter