246 - Coaster Tabletop Game

There are companies out there that also do print on demand coasters. I was thinking if you could get a good deal, you could create a dexterity game that utilized paper coasters. I think there's a drinking game where you're supposed to slide a paper coaster across the table and if you get an edge hanging over the table your opponent would have to take a drink.

Perhaps you could have a game where you flip a coaster onto the table, split up into different pie wedges (like a pie chart) with different values. Your opponent then does the same. You draw a line from center to center, the line passing through different pie wedges. The pie wedge with the higher value wins and the loser takes a drink. This could be as simple as a 4-coaster set, double-sided, randomly distributed amongst the players.

At the cost I've seen on Zazzle, it may just be cheaper to do laser cut pieces on wood. It would at least be more durable.

Maybe round stickers on high quality poker chips instead? I may prototype something awful soon.