166 - E3 2017

I took a day-trip down to E3 this year. It's the second time I've done the day-trip. I don't think I'll be doing it again next year. There's just so much travel time for a handful of hours at a convention where the lines are 30+ minutes long. There's definitely no way I'd be able to stand in the Nintendo line. That thing is at least 4+ hours.

What I was able to play this time: Dragonball Fighter Z, Lego Worlds, Yakuza 6... that's it? Yikes.

165 - T-Rex versus Velociraptors

Decided to take a break from the ASWG game and wanted to mess around with my 5x5 abstract game about a T-Rex versus some velociraptors. Right now the premise is pretty simple: the T-Rex can move once per turn and the velociraptors can move three times a turn (one raptor three spaces, three raptors one space, etc). The T-Rex wins if it can't defeat/eat/kill two velociraptors. The velociraptors win if they can surround the T-Rex on all four sides, either using the edge of the board or each other.

I need to get this in front of a willing play tester.

164 - ASWG Play Test

I played ASWG: Dark Match with a coworker today. First time player. It felt incredibly slow. There was a lot of thinking involved and didn't move as fast as I would have liked. My other buddy, let's call him John, told me I shouldn't throw any rules out the window yet. Need to continue trying it out to really get a good sense of what may need changing.

That being said, I've thought about adding one additional rule where prior to a Spot start, you and your opponent trade one of your cards with each other. Now you have knowledge of 20% of their cards, which gives you some element of strategy as you get closer to a goal.

The end game, the pin, feels terrible. I need to rethink how the game ends. It also really needs to have some thematic similarities to a 3-count as well. Just flipping over the top card of your hand is extremely unsatisfying.

163 - Congratulatory Badge

So where I currently work, there are stickers they hand out for big projects that get completed within a quarter. There has been a rise of "rogue" stickers that aren't approved by the marketing or HR department, but are badges of honor for the crazy work that was put into the project(s) from multiple teams.

Here is the one I made for the project I've been on for the last two quarters. July 17th can't come soon enough.