284 - Honeycomb Caverns Intro Comic


Thought it would be fun to give my game a bit more life by adding a backstory / introduction to why Sadie Cat, our intrepid explorer, is down in the Honeycomb Caverns grabbing treasure. Also helps explain why, thematically, she is forced to move in a specific direction (the dice dictate which dragon statue is blowing fire at her and at what force).

I'll be publishing a small prototype book of this game soon before I start considering the idea of a Kickstarter.

As a stretch goal I would like to add a "Doom Die". It would be a special d6 that has the numbers 0 - 4 on it, a jump icon, and a reroll icon on it. If at any point the 3d6 you roll show up as triples, then you get to roll this "Doom Die". If a number shows, you remove all instances of that number off the board, which would be awful. A jump icon replenishes a used jump and the reroll allows you to roll the dice again at any time... or something like that.

I also was considering adding a Honeycomb Caverns health bar in that you roll 4d6 instead of 3d6. The fourth die you don't use subtracts health from the cavern, which will collapse if it reaches zero. This would force a player to get out of the cavern quickly. Though, as I think about it now, the player is already in a "push your luck" mindset bouncing around collecting treasure. That's pressure enough to be honest.