100 - Toybox 3D perimeter line / extra plastic on tip


According to their customer service, the Toybox 3D printer folks have told me why the printer draws a perimeter around the model before it starts. If you print out multiple items in a row, the heated nozzle, much like a hot glue gun, will continue to "leak" plastic until the tip cools down.

The perimeter is to wipe off the excess plastic before it starts printing again.

The more you know!

098 - 3D Printed Cookie Stamps

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.10.15 PM.png

I printed out some custom cookie stamps to celebrate Wrestlemania 34. This is actually the main reason that I picked up a 3D printer. I wanted to be able to take black and white vectors and convert them into these cookie stamps and then use them to make 1-part molds.

It was an interesting experiment the first time through with some quick lessons.

  • The amount of detail in what I have translated pretty well. I think this is as detailed as I can get the stamps to be.
  • Each stamp had to be floured before using, otherwise the dough would stick.
  • The Luchador mask took about an hour to print. I do like the backing on it as it made it easier to hold for stamping the cookies. I'll make sure to do that in the future.

097 - 3D Printing a Bulbasaur


I picked up a Toybox 3D Printer from their Indiegogo campaign last year. I saw it at the Maker Faire back in May 2017 and was impressed by the footprint, relatively decent quality, ease of use, and pricepoint. I was able to secure the printer for $200, so all in all it was a good deal for me.

The only difficulties I had the first time around were few:

  • Initial setup via the app didn't talk about how the wifi setup works. You had to get that info from the site itself. Ultimately you log into the wifi access point the printer creates, sign into your account, and then enter the 6-digit code.
  • The bed didn't raise at all when it first started printing. On my second print I had to force it up. Once it caught, it was moving pretty smoothly on its own.

I have a few ideas coming up. Will share those soon.