164 - ASWG Play Test

I played ASWG: Dark Match with a coworker today. First time player. It felt incredibly slow. There was a lot of thinking involved and didn't move as fast as I would have liked. My other buddy, let's call him John, told me I shouldn't throw any rules out the window yet. Need to continue trying it out to really get a good sense of what may need changing.

That being said, I've thought about adding one additional rule where prior to a Spot start, you and your opponent trade one of your cards with each other. Now you have knowledge of 20% of their cards, which gives you some element of strategy as you get closer to a goal.

The end game, the pin, feels terrible. I need to rethink how the game ends. It also really needs to have some thematic similarities to a 3-count as well. Just flipping over the top card of your hand is extremely unsatisfying.