Custom Toy - Totoro Cat Bus

Here's the next wooden cube block things that I'm working on: Totoro Cat Bus. I'm not quite sure what to call these things. I was thinking of "Dumb Blocks" or "Cube Blocks" or "2-inch Wooden Craft Cube" or "Possibly Toxic Spray Adhesive Block". I have no idea. They're just nice to display and fun to make. I wouldn't quite call it a toy either since it's just a block of wood. Then again, maybe a block of wood can be a toy.

Not sure what the next one will be just yet. I do have plans to put together an Optimus Prime wooden train now that I got some tools in the mail. We'll see how that goes!

Below you'll see the Photoshop environment that I work in:

Biggie Smalls the Train

Here is the completed Biggie Smalls the Train train with attached wooden wheels and everything. Oliver actually found the toy quite amusing, saying "car" when he say it.

I have two new goals regarding this toy. I want to 1) make a Totoro cat bus version and 2) create one that will fit on a wooden railway set (you know, the Brio kind). I've measured those tracks out and the distance between track grooves is 20mm (about 0.8"). I don't think this 2" block will fit properly nor will its weight distribute well without doing some wood routing on the inside to store the wheel mechanism (which I don't have the tools to do). So I'll need to figure something out with the 1" blocks or need to purchase 0.75" blocks to make the trains.

Much planning!