Nevermind. I figured out the data-driven way for Word March.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.41.31 PM.png

Turns out you can do it with a mix of running the code a bunch of times to get a bunch of random paths, save those as a CSV file, then use Excel’s formula “=MID” to pull the letter from the word and then place it in the right position.

Let’s say the top-left circle is position 1 and let’s say that position 1 is actually the 5th node in the full path of 9. Then if you use “=MID” and pull the 5th letter from the 9-letter word and place it in position 1, then you have the right letter in the right place for that specific path (i.e. solution).

Generated 400 paths for kicks and now just have to fill in 400 words to use. Words with non 9-letter words too. Also need to configure the PSD file to take this data in.

Random Walk Sample Puzzle


The answer is “quicksand”. The Random Walk code from yesterday will create the 3x3 grid numbered 1 - 9 to give me the path to fill the word in. These puzzles are a quick diversion and easier to do than staring at a math puzzle.

I’m thinking of using Word March as the puzzle type name. It’s a play on “Random Walk”, which is the computer problem/algorithm for traversing a path in CS while touches each node only once.