Coraline != Caroline

In a rush to fill my Redbox cart for my "2 for 1" coupon, I hastily picked up this movie I thought to be a terrible-cash-in-sequel to the movie Coraline. I had already accepted this to be a cheaply made movie that would have a fraction of the quality of the original. What stings is the fact that even with this acceptance and feeling so smart for setting my expectations so low, I was fooled again.

This wasn't a direct-to-DVD Coraline sequel. This wasn't Coraline at all. This was Caroline.

I felt like a parent who knows nothing about sports except that my nephew likes football, so I go and buy a picture frame in the shape of a football. This is like the parent who is told their kid wants Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for Christmas, so they pick up this travesty instead.

Tricky Marketing: 1 Alexander: 0

AMAD: Average Musician, Average Dad

I'm an average musician and I'm an average dad. That's pretty good, right? That means I'm doing a lot of things at once!

I've recently ended up watching and listening to a lot of programming that emphasizes the importance of family and the sadness one feels once a family member is gone (Aramada, Supernatural, Doctor Who, etc.). This has caused me to want to put into recordings me singing songs so one day when I'm gone my kids will still have something else to remember me by. It's less cumbersome than flipping through dozens and dozens of unmarked home videos. And there's something more endearing than going through a box of old photographs. Each track's title is literally the description of what the file contains and music is the language of the soul, right?

These are certainly far from professional recordings. If anything I'm simply recording these with my iPhone. Sometimes I play something wrong. Sometimes Oliver or Jasper are part of the recording. Most of the time I'm off-key. But, I hope, this adds to the warmth of the memory I want to leave behind. You know what they say, "where words fail, music speaks." I hope with these I'll always have something to say to my kids.

This actually makes me weepy eyed thinking about it.

SoundCloud Link: AMAD: Average Musician Average Dad

Haven't posted in a while.

I realize that I haven't done a post in 10 days and that, for me, is a really long time. It's not to say nothing significant has happened however. I've still been posting on Games&Whiskey at least twice a weekday and I actually finished my Flash game Hacktron.

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve that I want to/will be working on very soon. This includes something to do with these super cheap (99 cents) DS cartridges I have as well as ripping National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation on to the computer (separate projects).

Never has there been a better definition for "labor of love".

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

It's funny, just as I was finishing up designing my card based adventure rule set in my notebook, I come across Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set. Everything about this makes me want to take another vacation in September so I can just sit down and play it.

It comes out in September. I think my friend Kelly Perry also did some artwork for one of the expansions. She's good at art.

Pre-Order Today: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set

Where's My Water (and other iOS apps) Free Today

I'll shamefully admit that I never jumped on the Where's My Water bandwagon when I should have. Deep in my heart I knew it was an enjoyable puzzle experience, but I couldn't get myself to agree to the 99 cents. I don't know why. I've spent more on worse.

Anyway, that game and others are free today to celebrate the App Store's 5th birthday. There's an article about it outlining a few more games and apps.

Article: The Verge

Electric Plastic - Electronic Handheld Games Site

So I was already familiar with the Electronic Handheld Game Museum website and it was always fun to browse, but the site layout itself is very 90s-Microsoft-Frontpage and was never easy to navigate. I recently stumbled on Electronic Plastic, which is a much more pleasing-to-the-eyeballs website about the same material... and boy howdy, do I simply love this type of material.

I found this site from an IndieGoGo project (2kb of fun) that I ran into the other day. Unfortunately the author has set it up as an all-or-nothing type of gig and I don't think they'll be hitting the goal in 4 days. It's a shame really and hope that they can release the book anyway as an electronic PDF.

Wikipedia in your Pocket

For the low price of under $12, you can get the Pandigital Handheld Electronic Encyclopedia (WikiReader). This is essentially all of Wikipedia (not counting images) on a small electronic device that fits in your pocket. It's like having the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but you don't need an internet connection. It's cheaper than an average lunch in San Francisco!

Go Purchase: Pandigital Handheld Electronic Encyclopedia (WikiReader)