Paper Toy - Arrogant Mimes

Listening to: Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison
Memorable Lyric: Never trust a big butt and a smile.

Here's a new papercraft! What you're seeing here are two arrogant mimes. They're so arrogant about their art that they talk during their performances.

You know, they kind of look like burglars, don't you think? You know, the old type of burglar you see in really old films that wear black and white stripes. Their berets look like prison caps. They might as well as be the Hamburglar.

Anyway, click on the image below to grab the PDF.

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Paper Toy - No Talent Ass Clown

Listening to: Nothing.

It's been a while since I've done a paper toy. The last ones I did were Daring Diver Donnie and An'ry Bear. This one is of a much simpler nature and was just something that was floating around in the back of my head. It was also a nice way to get back into the whole realm of things. Created a new template for myself, so making these should be relatively "easy".

You must imagine this specific No Talent Ass Clown to be saying, "I understand that I don't have many skills, but I still require a competitive salary for all the work I'm not doing."

Print it out and smash it as necessary.

Click on image to download PDF.

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Ah, a little breathing room.

Listening to: The Fugees - Family Business

Hello everyone! I decided to go and do a little bit of edits to the website. Essentially, I gave myself a little more breathing room in all aspects of the site. I'm not sure if you notice, but there's even more space in between lines. I hope this is easier on everyone's eyes.

Anyway, what you see above is the comic that is attached to my NEWEST PAPER TOY! That's right! The newest paper toy is something I would rank as an "easy" paper toy to make. It's An'ry Bear, the angriest bear in the world. Click on the "Download .PDF" button to download the file or you can do so by clicking here.

Below are images for your viewin' pleasure.