Rumble Tactics: S.G. Dog

The newest unit for the Cirqo faction in my game. It uses the new cost structure and is the first unit to have abilities activated by the presence of other units (in this case a Leader).

Fun Fact: S.G. stands for "sometimes good". This dog is based off a real life dog I know.

Rumble Tactics: Testing it out some more.

Had an opportunity to do another play test of Rumble Tactics the other day. I printed out some of the Unit Cards and used a Dungeons and Dragons Map Pack for the battlefield.

It was a better play experience this time around. The few units that were in the game were definitely better balanced. I'm excited to try out more of the units that I have in the "master list" for the first release.

Some upcoming units: zombies that have no defense at all, but require a 6 to actually kill them (got to headshot the walkers to kill them, of course). There's also the zombie master that gives those slow zombies buffed stats. Adding a few ranged units too.